Drop the Bass!

There is nothing that can compete with bass, its a four letter word with a lot of meaning, power, and influence. It can send pulsating vibrations throughout your whole body that can send tears dripping down your cheeks. Rave goers spend their hard earned money to simply to put their faces into the subwoofer. Some find it hard to believe, but in the moment I am left realizing that I have a new love that is not a beautiful woman, but instead that addicting sound we call a bass. The track, Fabrication, by dubstep artist Emalkay played at the right sound level with proper speakers can blow your mind. This track gives us a taste of what Emalkays new album, Eclipse, has in store for us. The introduction is eerie and build up is smooth and not rushed. Then finally the line, “Drop the bass” is followed by a heavy bassline ultimately making the song one to remember. Enjoy the track. – Jake

Emalkay – Fabrication


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