The Dirty Tees

Lets take our raver gloves out from the closet, wipe the dust off of our endless amounts of Kandi bracelets, and lets party like we did in the past. What a better way to relapse back into the rave culture with Toronto based Alternative/Techno group, The Dirty Tees. Realizing the potential these two grad. school students possessed ultimately caused them to move Los Angeles  to pursue their dreams. Although LA is a tough place that will either put you on the dirty sidewalks of Hollywood BVLD or in a mansion in Beverly Hills, these two foreigners had the sole intention to make an impact in the eyes of those who control the industry. Successfully signing with singer Natasha Bedingfield, this dou has produced some really fantastic dance tracks. The first track, Winter Wonderland, gives the listener a side to the remix arena that no one has really stepped into. Being able to successfully remix and transform  an old Frank Sinatra song into a trancy and dancable track truly impresses me. The Dirty Tees do a remarkable job creating the perfect balance between sampling and putting their own touch in order to make a unique but yet popular remix. Their other track, Miracle, featuring Natasha Bedingfield gives ravers the ideal track to listen to. Who could ever turn down a catchy beat mixed with the eloquent voice of Bedingfield followed by a powerful drop that makes any pair of legs jump? Enjoy – Jake Fishman

Frank Sinatra – Winter Wonderland (The Dirty Tees Remix)


Miracle Featuring Natasha Bedingfield – The Dirty Tees


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